In 2014, Simone Gerisch-Zachmann, herself mother of two and self-employed as a yoga teacher, traveled to Brazil for the purpose of deepening her Portuguese language skills. Once there, she encountered people from all walks of life. She encountered people who are well-to-do, as well as people who live in shacks and have no access to running water, electricity, proper health care, education or even regular meals. Yet what impressed her most was the open hearts of the people. Even those who had nothing welcomed her with open arms and hearts and shared what little they had. Many of those who are well-to-do help those who are not. This mentality of sharing left a deep impression in Simone’s heart and spirit. When she returned to Germany, a country where most people live in abundance, she decided that she must help. The idea of “fair share” was born.

Since early 2015, our team has been working together to set up strategies and plans of how to provide help. In November 2015 Simone traveled to Recife/Olinda in the northeast region of Brazil to firm up relationships with potential projects and to develop detailed plans of how best to help. Our team is fully committed to devote their hearts and lives to this mission and to do everything in their power to make a real difference in the lives of children and families who otherwise would be left to neglect, violence and poverty.

Patrick, a self-employed engineer, husband and father, met Simone in one of her yoga classes. After Simone had returned from Brazil and began talking about her desire to help, he immediately offered his assistance. Patrick’s strengths lay in organizing and structuring all the processes of the organization as well dealing with legalities and government officials and ensuring everything is done correctly and properly according to German tax law. With his experience, dedication and commitment, the company came to life.

As the father of a three-year old, he feels the strong desire to help children who are less fortunate.

Andreas Müller, IT-freelance and webmaster, like Patrick heard about Simone's project, to do something for children in Brasil, in one of her yoga classes. He then spontaniously offered to create and maintain a website for it. As a Internet presence apart form social media is still an important source for donations outside of events, he is eager to always keep the site up to date with news and background stories about the organisation, how donations are used, and the people we work with.

How YOU can help

We fund all of our projects strictly through donations as well as our own time. Donating is easy, a click on the link in the main menu above or the Paypal button below  gets you directly  to the donation page.  To see the change your donation makes, you can follow our monthly updates on this website. 


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